Avail SEO Training in Lahore to get knowledge about SEO Tips

SEO has become one of buzz word in the field of digital marketing. Nowadays, every company wants to get a better rank on search engines in order to get website traffic flow. In SEO Training in Lahore, you will learn that there are numerous SEO tips which can improve your website rank on search engines:

  • Submit your website in numerous search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.
  • Conduct a good keyword research for your website. Choose unique meta tags, description, title for your website.
  • Create a sitemap.xml for your website. There are numerous online tools that can help in generating sitemaps for your website. After creation of sitemap, upload it with index.html page. Also create an account on Google Webmaster tool for verification of your sitemap. In SEO Training in Lahore, you will also learn about importance of sitemap.xml
  • Submit your websites in numerous types of directories, local business listing, social bookmarking sites etc.
  • Create and compose articles or blogs for your website and submit into article submission sites. While composing blog or article, add website link in the content. With the help of SEO Training in Lahore, you will also learn how to compose blogs and articles for SEO purpose.
  • While structuring url of the website or web page, use hyphens between words to improve readability and also to create a strong url structure for SEO purpose. Avoid capital letters in url link.
  • Use alt tag to name the image as web crawler is unable to read the image. Therefore, alt tag for each image must be used and keywords in alt tags can also be incorporated.

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